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Capturing the memory of your loved one who
has passed

The memorial preservation service at Texas Pressed Flowers preserves and frames flowers from your loved ones memorial service. Clients can include pictures, written notes, programs, etc. to include in the frame.

The flowers are carefully taken a part, petal by petal. All pieces of the flowers will be pressed skillfully. 

Once the flowers and greenery are completely dry, they are skillfully placed in the frame of your choice.

The process can take 3-4 months. Please be patient. Once your loved ones memorial flowers are completely preserved, you will be contacted!

Unless specified otherwise, the preserved flowers will be designed in a starburst pattern and framed in portrait orientation.

See our Holiday Schedule to Plan for your flower transfer




Ordering Process




Add to cart!

Enjoy your art


Transfer florals


Add your preferred frame color and size to the cart. Read the FAQ and product page to ensure you are choosing the best option.

To finalize the booking, checkout. Payment is due before receiving the bouquet.

Get the flowers to us via drop-off, pick-up, or overnight shipping.

View our What's Next page to ensure the safe arrival of your flowers.

Your flowers will be pressed, preserved, and framed.

You will be notified of your finished product.


Portrait Orientation

Starburst Design

Frame of your choice

Floating glass background

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