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  • What is Flower Preservation?
    We practice the art of pressing and drying flowers over a length of time. While the flowers are no longer alive, this technique allows for the creation of beautiful art that can be enjoyed for years to come.
  • How long does it take?
    The process can take 3-4 months. Each flower of a bouquet is handled carefully and pressed skillfully. Once flowers are pressed and dry, they are arranged into beautiful works of art that you will have to enjoy.
  • How early should I book in advance?
    We recommend booking a month prior to your event! However, we can take last minute orders as long as the flowers are still fresh and we receive them within 5 days of the event.
  • Is this service only available in the Austin area?
    Nope! We accept bouquets and flowers nation wide. If you do opt to ship, please know we do require overnight shipping.
  • Which frame size is best?
    5"x7": 1 single flower or boutonnière. 8"x10": 3 flowers and background greenery/filler flowers. 11"x14": 3-4 flowers and background greenery/filler flowers. 12"x16": 4-6 flowers and background greenery/filler flowers. 16"x20": 5+ flowers and background greenery/filler flowers. (#1 pick for a wedding bouquet)
  • How long can I wait to drop off my florals?
    We will not be able to accept flowers more than 5 days after your event. To best insure a quality flower press, the flowers must be fresh. We will also not be able to accept dried or silk flower bouquets.
  • Where do I drop off my bouquet?
    We have a store front located in central Dripping Springs, TX! The address can be found on our website and in your booking information.
  • Can I customize my floral piece?
    Of course! We can add boutonniere's, pictures, written vows, or any sentimental item for no extra cost. Unfortunately, we cannot do custom frame sizes or color.
  • How does payment work?
    Once you add your preferred frame color and size to the cart, checkout. You will automatically be emailed information on how to get your flowers to us. If your event is in the future, you will receive a reminder email a week prior.
  • How do I hang my finished piece?
    For our smaller frame, hardware is included on the frame and can be hung portrait or landscape. Our larger frames do not come with hardware. This is intentional due to the weight of the glass and frame piece. For hanging, place a nail in both corners of the top of the frame to hang on a wall. We urge to not place your own hardware due to potential wood splitting of the frame.
  • Will my floral piece change color?
    Yes! Floral art is ever evolving and may discolor over time. Tips to slow this process include: Keep the frame out of direct sunlight. Avoid excess heat and humidity. Do not display in bathroom or sunroom. Also to take into account, colors will/may change during the preservation process. Light colored flowers may not hold their color while vibrant colors may darken. There could also be alterations in the color where they are different from the original received arrangement. Our preservation process does NOT ensure that the color will be the same as the original flowers.
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