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Thank you again for booking with Texas Pressed Flowers!
Whats Next?

Get the flowers to us!


  • ​​If you are dropping off the florals, please pick out a good time/day to drop off using the appointment link HERE. Please get the florals to us within 5 days of the event to ensure the freshness of the flowers. (Porch drop off information is available on the appointment link above, however, no appointment required). 

  • If you are overnight shipping the flowers to us, please watch the video on how to ship the florals safely HERE. Please also see the attachment HERE

  • If you are utilizing the courier service ROADIE to deliver your florals, please make an appointment HERE with the estimated time of delivery. (ATX area only)

No matter the method of transport, please keep the flowers in water and a fridge if possible before transporting.

During transport in a car/plane please keep a damp paper towel wrapped around the stems of the bouquet and cover with foil.

If you are traveling a short distance, no need for any intervention.


Once we receive the bouquet, it will be preserved skillfully. This process can take 3-4 months. Please be patient!


Once the product is finished, you will be contacted!


Please contact Elissa if you have any questions or concerns!


Call/Text: 512-842-9049

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