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How to Choose your Perfect Frame?

We have a variety of different frame sizes along with many different frame colors to choose from. How do you choose what is best for you? The frame size can certainly vary depending on budget, where you are planning to display your piece, and how you want your florals to look in the frame. Lets walk through each size together.

Our 5"x7" frames are the perfect display for boutonnieres, single flower gifts, or corsages. The small frame can usually only fit 1 flower and some greenery/filler flowers. While small, they are also our cheapest sized frame.

Our 8"x10" frames are a great option for gifts as well as the budget conscious client. This sized frame can fit around 2-3 flowers along with some greenery/filler flowers. If you are wanting something small and compact but will still have the essence of your original flowers arrangement, this is the frame for you!

Our 11"x14" frames are what we consider the "perfect middle ground". Not too small, and not too big. With this size, we can fit around 4-5 flowers. It is a great option for including at lwast 1 of every type of flower.

Our 12"x16" frames are very similar to the previous, but just a little bigger! We can fit around 4-6 flowers. This is a great option for wanting to be budget conscious but still being a good size to fit most of a wedding bouquet. We will be able to include at least 1 of every flower. We could also include the boutonniere in the corner of this frame size no problem. Another perk, is seamlessly being able to design around an invitation or picture.

Our 16"x20" frames are the perfect option for wedding bouquets! This size can fit a whole wedding bouquet. Every flower and piece of greenery will look effortless in this size frame.

Color... how do you choose? Many of our clients want to cater to the color of the flowers, however, we recommend choosing a frame color that matches the decor of the home it will be displayed in. It really comes to preference and what our client likes best!

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