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  • Elissa Gallegos

Will my Flowers Change Color?

Likely, Yes! Color changing of the flowers during our preservation process is expected and inevitable. At Texas Pressed Flowers, we take pride in not adding harsh chemicals or coloring to the flowers. We allow the natural coloring to change as the flowers are pressed. Sometimes, the flowers will hold their natural and vibrant color, while others may fade or even be somewhat unrecognizable. It is a natural part of the preservation process and is to be expected in most florals.

It is understandable that color changing can be upsetting to the client, however, this is common for colors to change even after our preservation is finished. The color of the flowers in the frame will continue to fade and discolor from when first received. Some will consider the flowers to start to have a "vintage" look about 2-3 years after the preservation is finished. There is not too much that can be done to prevent this unless color correction was applied to the petals. We recommend that clients keep the frame out of direct sunlight and away from humid locations. This will help slow the color changing/fading process.

Honestly, I think the aging process of the flowers is a semblance of the growing marriage. Or even a remembrance of time passing after a loved one has moved on. That is what is so beautiful about flowers. After preserving the flowers, they will continue to change after preserving, but will hold the same memory for years to come!

View our color changing chart to see how your flowers will change colors!

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